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DJ Mary

Naziv: DJ Mary
Ime: Miljenko Rajakovic
Label: Soul Access, NW Dynamics, Pornographic
Tel/Mob: n/a
DJ Mary has been into electronic music since the end of the eighties beginning of ninetines, when he started polishing his CD's & turntable skills with a refreshing choice of hard funky music, enriched with EBM (electronic body music), Acid House, New Beat and others. More than ten years of DJ-ing experiences, ardent dedication, and a unique choice of music (varying from one set to another) have modelled a DJ/Producer, who enjoys big respect and popularity at the Croatian electronic music scene. His deep love of electronic music has produced an equisite music taste, which is the primary source of inspiration for his work. He uses his technical skills to perfection, playing with mathematically structured Techno sequences and moods, while hypnotising the audience with relentlessly percussive driving beats.

DJ Mary has been successfully building a reputation as one of the most exciting Croatian DJs by playing alongside some of today’s most prominent world dj's at major dance events and clubs in Zagreb and other parts of Croatia, as well as abroad in Europe!

With influences going back to Kraftwerk, Cabaret Voltaire, SPK, Test Dept., Clock DVA, Front Line Assembly, Skinny Puppy, Maurizio & Basic Channel, Lassigue Bendthaus, Frankfurt and Swedish Techno, Mary has made it a rule to himself to always play music from the soul and with the soul. There must be more to a set than just technical perfection.
"I like my sets to fluctuate between being hypnotic and powerful, music taste built on electronic music of the 80’s and 90’s gave me a good basis for the work I’ve been doing nowadays, from tribalistic driving techno to sometimes harder funky techno-house sets."

Production wise, after a successful first record release 2002 on Choice Records 010 from Paris (under MAR-TEX "Kindergarten 1" ep), 2003 was bringing Mary the big breakthrough with superb release on highly respected Bailey/Varela's Label Pornographic Recordings 010 (track under MARY-TEX on "Pornographic 010 - Various Artists" double ep), then on Michael Burkat/Lars Klein's german Label Northwest Dynamics 04 (MAR-TEX "Bazen" ep) and beginning of 2004 second release on Choice Records 013 and last Mar-Tex release ever (MAR-TEX "Maska" ep). This project don’t exist anymore from this record! Mar-Tex was collaboration between DJ Mary and Cortex. It’s finished 2003!

In the future you can find his musical works and tracks under DJ MARY project and between others on his own Label SOUL ACCESS what starting 2004 (distributed through german Still-Music Company)! First release is his "Drumatic" ep (March 2004) in style of percussive driving tribalistic techno sound! 2nd episode of Soul Access is with main acter Tom Macoye aka ORTIN CAM: "Dark Groovez" ep (June 2004), a young and talented incoming Belgian newer remarkable artist!
Soul Access Records was launched by DJ Mary with the sole aim of pushing forward quality techno music. Take a look on new Soul Access Label & Releases!

Clubs: Rex Club - Paris (several times), L’Anfer Club - Dijon, L’etoile Club - Metz, L’after Club - Amneville, Hemelvaart Squat - Amsterdam, Extrem Club - Affligem (near Antwerpen),
Paradogs Club - Prague , Radost FX Club - Prague, Machovo Jezero - near Prague, Bernolak Club / Stereodrome - Bratislava, Gazometer - Vienna, Cazin Club (Cembrankeller) - Linz, Docks Home - Torino, Ambasada Gavioli (1 year resident 99/2000) - Izola, K4 - Ljubljana, Hala Golovec - Celje, BKC, CDA, Olympic Hall Zetra - Sarajevo, Colosseum Club - Skopje

Events: Aquatica (Zadar), Future Shock (Zagreb), Interparty (Amsterdam), Rave Nation (Antwerpen), Automatik (Paris), In Your Face (Dijon), Sub Bass (Metz), Docks Home (Torino), Stereodrome (Bratislava), Connect Yourself (Prague), Gazometer (Vienna), UFO (Skopje), Electronic Moves (Linz), Gimmik (Knittelfeld), Stereo Studio (Zagreb), Hardwork/Futurescope (Zagreb), Space Night (Celje), Astralis (Zagreb), Future Beatz (Izola), Input (Sarajevo),....

releases - vinyl & CD:

"Drumatic" ep (2004. Soul Access 001)

"Maska" ep (2004. Choice Records 013)

"Bazen" ep (2003. Northwest Dynamics 04)

Various Artists 2xEP (2003. Pornographic 010)

"Kindergarten 1" ep (2002. Choice Records 010)

"Systematic Sonority" cd album (1995. Minus Habens Records 031) electronic-experimental

"Biodigit" mcd (1993. Minus Habens Records 020)



New ep for Soul Access (08/2004 - SA003)
>From Croatia With Love
Various Artists (09/2004 - Technique/NL)
16th Strike
Various Artists (01/2005 - Giant and Dwarf 016)


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